Founded by in 2005, ONELIFE was created with the objective of building a team of solution-based, impartial financial planners to fill a gap in the financial services industry. The focus has always been to provide financial services to clients through a formalized process that would focus on tax effective solutions. Bill Holmes, the founder of ONELIFE, has been providing tax effective planning to successful business owners in the areas of investment, retirement income, and wealth transfer planning for over 30 years.

March 2019 Update

By Kerri O'Rourke | April 1, 2019

Spousal Advantages

By Kerri O'Rourke | March 19, 2019

Follow the LINK for tips on how you can preserve your capital in the event your spouse passes away.

February 2018 Update

By Kerri O'Rourke | March 4, 2019

Tax-Saving Tips for Everyone

By Kerri O'Rourke | February 25, 2019

Follow the Link for a series of articles that could help with your 2018 tax return.

Maximizing Your RDSP Carry Forwards

By Kerri O'Rourke | February 11, 2019

If you or a loved one have an RDSP, follow the Link to learn how you can maximize your carry forward room.

January 2019 Report

By Kerri O'Rourke | February 4, 2019

ONELIFE in the Community

By Kerri O'Rourke | January 31, 2019

Talk Hockey gala shooting to get more kids in sport with help from Ottawa 67’s. The first-time gala aims to raise $20,000 for after-school sports and recreation programs for underserved children and youth living in Strathcona Heights, home to one of the largest Ottawa Community Housing neighbourhoods. Chris Bockstael, a financial planner here at ONELIFE… Read more about ONELIFE in the Community

2018 Year End Report

By Kerri O'Rourke | January 4, 2019

Follow the Link for our 2018 year end report. 2018 Year End

December 2018 Report

By Kerri O'Rourke | January 4, 2019

Evelyn Jacks – ONELIFE Visit

By Kerri O'Rourke | December 13, 2018

We recently had the pleasure to have Evelyn Jacks, president of the Knowledge Bureau, visit our office. The Knowledge Bureau is the leading providers of financial education in Canada to both accountants and financial advisors. ONELIFE is a proud partner and supporter of the Knowledge Bureau. We were the financial firm in Canada to make… Read more about Evelyn Jacks – ONELIFE Visit