Founded by in 2005, ONELIFE was created with the objective of building a team of solution-based, impartial financial planners to fill a gap in the financial services industry. The focus has always been to provide financial services to clients through a formalized process that would focus on tax effective solutions. Bill Holmes, the founder of ONELIFE, has been providing tax effective planning to successful business owners in the areas of investment, retirement income, and wealth transfer planning for over 30 years.

Mike and Carole

You’ve done more work for me in the last 3 weeks than my last advisor did in the last 20 years. Your tax and retirement strategies make sense and i’s a wonder that not more people are taking advantage of this type of planning. I’m glad you’re using your noodle! Keep up the good work.

Lor and Geoff

Thank you so much for the delivery and implementation of our new Financial Plan. We have been high-fiving all over the place as we proceed with implementing our plan and feel great comfort in knowing that all the decisions we are making are backed up by a thorough, comprehensive and sophisticated Financial Plan. Having a… Read more about Lor and Geoff

Bruce and Rita

We like that you are available, have a concise plan, give us options, let us make the final decision if it makes sound financial sense given our situation.

Ron and Diane

You have taken more time than I thought anyone would to get to know us, our concerns and our desires. Dealing with you has restored our faith in caring, service-oriented types! We are more confident about our financial situation then we have been in a long time.


Thank you for the extensive work you have done for me over the past year. I appreciate the time you invested to fully understand my specific needs. Your knowledge and expertise has been extremely beneficial and your desire to truly listen facilitated the decision making process. I am confident the specialized product solution and structured… Read more about William